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Cab Hound was established to answer the simple question,' I need a taxi near me but how do I find it?' Cab Hound makes is easy to identify nearby Charlotte taxis from great Charlotte taxicab companies and connect you to them faster. That's why we say,' It's never ruff to find a great cab with Cab Hound.' 

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Better Charlotte Taxi Companies

Cab Hound works with the best Charlotte taxi companies. Our Charlotte taxi companies know the city and Cab Hound knows dispatching technology. Together we deliver great taxi service in Charlotte, NC.

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Better taxi app for Charlotte Passengers

Take the hassle out of Charlotte taxis. Download Cab Hound for free and hail the best taxis in Charlotte with ease. Cab Hound enables Charlotte passengers to find, track, coordinate and pay for cab rides with the best available taxi drivers. 

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Better North Carolina Tech Company

Cab Hound is a North Carolina based technology and services company for the taxicab industry. Cab Hound helps helps taxi companies achieve cost savings, operational efficiency and increased revenues in today’s competitive taxicab industry.